Hi, I am Beth and I help people heal and transform their lives through Coaching

Hey All! Wanna know something?!

I’ve got an ache in my heart for you to know what you are made for! I have been given a passion and hope to meet you right where you are at and remind you that you are made for more. You are made to live a beautiful life: A life that is not about surviving but about thriving. A life that is not how others may think you should live. A life you are actually made for. A life that is made for living out your gifts and dreams and igniting a life of full-out living.

I have found that one of the sweetest things about this work is that with sharing and exploring your dreams and gifts comes healing, freedom, joy, and a life where you see and live better. I want that for you. I believe that it is for you, and I think it’s pretty awesome.

If you have ever had that ache and desire for more and silently squashed it, or ignored it, or swept it under the rug, thinking it wasn’t important or wasn’t really possible, guess what? You are at the right place. This time is now…and I can’t wait to help you on this adventure.

Let’s get to know one another…

Hi! I am Beth Stoll!

Everyday I draw from things happening around me, and grow from my knowledge and experiences, so that I may inspire hope and transformation for my clients.  My passion is to help women discover their Hope and passions by focusing on their dreams and gifts and using the strength and knowledge that exists for all of us deep within.  The dreams, gifts and strength are there to guide each of us in the healing, restoration and transformation that is part of life.

I have been a Professional Counselor for the past 11 years and ready to help accelerate your growth through Coaching skills.

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I am here to invite to your own journey of transformation too! Work me today!


I will help you navigate past hurt and develop a plan to the other side.


Journey for 5 days in a private, confidential community for support.


You don’t have to stay stuck in the past. You can begin to move forward today.

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Laura Designation

My life coaching opportunity with Beth Stoll was such a positive and surprising experience. It opened my mind and heart to dream big and to play big for my dreams. Beth’s sincere, positive, intuitive, thought-provoking and professional guidance really gave me the ‘permission’ that I didn’t even know I needed to dream for more. The coaching journey was like a roadmap for the life I want and the life I am meant to have. Step-by-step, through Beth’s coaching, I was able to learn and practice practical skills to help me reach my potential. After working with Beth, I believe I am less anxious, more focused, driven, confident, grateful and more present in my life. This opportunity to work with Beth was a gift that has had a beautiful impact on me, and I am very grateful for her. Thank you so much, Beth!

Jane Designation

Before I met with Beth the term 'Life Coach" was one that slightly intimidated me, mainly because I have exclusively been a wife and mother for more than 20 years. I have struggled with what often is presented by our culture that a woman who chooses to stay at home is somehow not using her gifts or talents to their fullest; that she is somehow choosing the mundane over the intellectual. Was I "not enough?" Had I been wasting my talents and education? Instead, my meetings with Beth empowered me to recognize my interests, such as decorating and design, not as something silly or frivolous to be embarrassed of, but as a gift from God. They are something He may be leading me to use professionally someday, but a piece of what makes me who I am, an interest that will help me in living my deepest dream, to be a serene and loving presence in my home and to my family. I am grateful for the clarity Beth offered me in recognizing my gifts and building my confidence in who I am as a wife, mother, and child of God.

Anne Designation

I started working with Beth in what I can easily describe as one of the toughest years of my life. Post Covid, job loss, turmoil, anger – you name it! Beth helped me though all of this! Her kind, judgement free approach and God centered focus helped me to look at my life in a different way. She kept me focused on my big dream of finding peace, happiness and joy in my life and family. She walked with me during difficult times and helped me to see and believe in myself and see my strengths as gifts. I started out broken and emerged strong, confident and at peace.

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